Mass Messaging in BuddyPress

Ever wanted to send a message to many people at once? Now you can, introducing - Mass Messaging.

Ever wanted to send a message to many people at once? Now you can, introducing - Mass Messaging.


This plugin is for BuddyPress, it adds a dashboard menu and a tab in the messages section. Once you navigate into the messages section and click the "Mass Messaging" tab you have access to all the options which you chose in the dashboard.

Including mass messaging to:

  • Members
  • Members of Groups
  • Members of Blogs (Sites)


  • Select all buttons to allow mass messaging to all members easily.

In this page you also see 'subject' and 'description' just like on the Buddypress compose page.


  1. Upload the folder Mass Messaging in Buddypress to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. Change the settings in the dashboard
  4. Navigate through to the messages section in the frontend to find the mass messaging page

Frequently Asked Questions

It's not loading, what's wrong?

Firstly, this is only for Wordpress (Network too!) running Buddypress. Check you have these installed correctly. Then, check you have activated the plugin.

The best way to get issues resolved is to head to the plugin page, and comment!

All groups (override) is only showing public groups, can I change this?

Yes, as of 1.1.4 you can change line 8 to read define('MassMessagingGroupsOverrideShowOnlyPublic', 'false'); which will in turn show ALL groups not just those that are public.

All blogs (override) is only showing public blogs, can I change this?

Yes, as of 1.1.4 you can change line 9 to read define('MassMessagingBlogsOverrideShowOnlyPublic', 'false'); which will in turn show ALL blogs not just those that are public.



  • Support for WP 3.6.1 and BP 1.8.1
  • Fix for some rare link issues


  • Support for WP 3.6.1 and BP 1.8.1
  • Security fix for external images


  • Added override options for selecting all regardless of friends or membership


  • Whitespace error / headers bug fix


  • Image definition changes


  • Function definition changes


  • Backend design changes


  • Bug fix for select all boxes
  • Readme restructure


  • Bug fix for loading issues


  • Bug fix for translation issues


  • Added support for wordpress toolbar
  • Bug fix for form syntax issues


  • Added support for minimum role type required to send mass messages


  • Bug fix for url references


  • Bug fix for user login and name references
  • Bug fix for incorrect template location


  • Initial Release


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Next Version

  • Consider developing Mass Messaging in BuddyPress Pro (paid upgrade) to add specific integrated features.

Client The Shadow Conspiracy

Release Date May 31, 2011

  • Wordpress
  • Wordpress Plugin API
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS


  1. Kieran says:


    First of all I would like to thank you for an amazing plugin, it was exactly what I was looking for. I have two questions for you however and it would be great if you could spare me a little time to answer.

    1. How can I change the colour and the position of the message that appears for all (as in for example if I wished to make the message red, and appear at the bottom – not the top)?

    2. If I understand correctly with this plugin I can message all who belong to a specific group, if this is correct how is this achieved as I seem unable to do so.

    Thanks for your time :)

    • Eliott says:

      Which message are you looking to customise? The success message indicating how many messages were sent?

      Also, once the plugin is activated. Head into the admin, goto Stormation -> Mass Messaging. From here, enable Groups. Then when you go to Messages -> Mass Messaging from the front end you should be able to se the groups which you are looking to send to.

      Let me know if that helps, Thanks, Eliott

  2. Ben says:

    Thanks for a plugin that should fill in the gap I still have.

    However, the tab “mass messaging” still does not show up on the buddypress page for messages. I did, of course follow the simple instructions for installation. Using WordPress 3.6.1 and Buddypress 1.8.1 and your plugin version 1.5.1

    The website that I am using it for has a public part but the area for which I try to use it, is for logged-in members only. Within that members-only area, there are public groups mostly. Thus only showing for all loged-in members if they are a member of that group or not.

    Even for the administrator (me…) , when logged in, the tab “mass messaging” does not show. I have also looked at “user role editor” (another plugin) that might have gotten in the way, but it does not appear to be the cause.

    What would be a good way to search for a solution ? Thanks for your time

  3. Teresa says:

    Hi there, I’m very interested in your plugin and would appreciate your help. (I posted to an earlier thread but I’m not sure if you go back when reviewing comments so this is a repost.)

    I installed Mass Messaging for BuddyPress version 1.1.5 on a site running WordPress 3.5.2 and BuddyPress 1.7.3 . When I log in as admin, I see the Mass Messaging tab as expected in the Messages area. If I click on it, I get a blank page (404) per the following path: (3rdMind is my admin user name, so the path seems correct but it’s not displaying a page.) Can you please help me understand what I need to do to get the function to display?

    Thanks so much!

  4. David says:

    I wonder if the URL has something to do with that? I am trying this on a test site and the members URL is /members-2/ because the original members solution before BuddyPress is in /members/. But is quite a bit of work to test this and I am not even sure the plugin if working would be right. What I really want is for members to message any other member instead of just friends. Plus I have turned friends off. It is not appropriate because all members are friends already. I have groups however.

  5. SubstreamAI says:

    WordPress 3.8.1 BuddyPress 1.9.2

    Click on “Mass Messaging” from my profile’s Message area: “404 Error! The page You requested was not found. Perhaps searching can help.”

    The cPanel Error Log does not show anything. I’m on a shared account so I can’t see the full apache log.

  6. SubstreamAI says:

    I have discovered that you can get to the page if you do it via the WP Toolbar > My Account > Messages > Mass Messaging

    Comparing the URL from there to the URL from the BuddyPress Profile (Profile > Messages > Mass Messaging) you can see there is a change in the URL. In my case it goes “through” another page on my site:

    From WP Backend: http://<>/about-us/members//messages/mass-messaging/

    From BuddyPress Profile http://<>/members//messages/mass-messaging/

    However, selecting multiple groups at once to message does not work, it sends to the first group selected only.

    • SubstreamAI says:

      I have discovered that the problem is caused by my Members page which has “About-Us” set as its parent. When I move the Members page to the top level (no parent page set), then the 404 goes away. At that point I can get to the Mass Messaging from my BuddyPress Profile as expected.

      This is a bug, but there is a workaround. The coding for the links from the dashboard is correct. The coding for the link in the BuddyPress Profile is faulty.

  7. Diane says:


    I am using S2 Member Pro with Buddypress – can I limit which type of user can use this plugin? For example, users with free accounts would not be able to mass email specific groups but paid up users would be.

    Kind regards,


  8. Laura says:

    I have just set this up… I am only just today starting to “recruit” for my site. But, I think that this plug-in has potential to be very helpful. Because it may be obtrusive to email persons directly outside of weekly/monthly newsletters. But with this system, I can email from within the network on my site… and it is up to them whether they get an email outside of the system or not. They can set their mail settings inside this system for “yes or no” to getting a notification in their general email.

    I find that very helpful as an idea. I will be trying this plug-in out… it seems quite promising… and it would be my pleasure to donate or buy a pro version plug-in if you have one as I do my Christmas donating this year hopefully as my site develops.

    Thank you for this plug-in.

    Laura Lee

  9. Kaloke says:

    I am having some problems with the Minimum role for usage: I have a few moderators that are listed as editors. I have 3 administrators on my site. At default it is set to Admin. My other admins see the mass messaging and are able to send out to all members, we have about 200 members on our site that are registered users to this helps out a great deal when sending out about current and upcoming events. Problem is when I set the Minimum role for usage to editor, then it takes it away for the admins. The only ones that can then mass message it editors. I am at a loss on this. To me this should set authorization to editors and above which should include admins. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

    • this is a HUGE problem says:

      I had this problem too. Developer has been completely silent about it. I found that if i change


      to if(check_user_role($role)){

      (there are 2 occurrences) in the php file, then the plugin will load for admins as well. the problem is they cant send to all users, only a few at a time. Very strange.

    • Duke says:

      IMHO is problem that plugin uses roles instead capabilities. then if you select Editors, mass messages can use editors only.

      You should have to role associate the lowest capability.

      i.e.: $items = array(‘Super Admin’ => ‘super admin’, ‘Administrator’ => ‘administrator’, ‘Editor’ => ‘editor’, ‘Author’ => ‘author’, ‘Contributor’ => ‘contributor’, ‘Subscriber’ => ‘subscriber’, ‘Editovat příspěvky’ => ‘edit_posts’);

      change to

      $items = array(‘Super Admin’ => ‘manage_sites’, ‘Administrator’ => ‘manage_options’, ‘Editor’ => ‘publish_pages’, ‘Author’ => ‘publish_posts’, ‘Contributor’ => ‘edit_posts’, ‘Subscriber’ => ‘read’);

  10. Louis says:

    Great plugin…very usefeul.

    I am looking to translate the plugin to french but there are no PO or MO files. I saw in the changelog 1.0.5 bug fix for translation. How can I translate the plugin? Am I missing something?



  11. Eliott says:

    When I get time, I will update the plugin to fix all of the issues and add a nice new feature :)

  12. eric says:

    Thank you for the good plugin , Is it possible to send a message to an external address, which is not a member of my blog like ? thanks eric

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